New York, United States


New York is the largest and the most populated city in the United States of America. This city never sleeps!! Situated in the north east region of USA this city receives more than 50 million visitors per year.

Attractive sites to visit-

  • The statue of liberty:  One can easily make his/her afternoon so relaxing by visiting to this attractive statue site that still features the expert knowledge and special access.
  • The empire state building:  It is an American icon which is located in mid town Manhattan, the view from 86th  and 102nd floor is unmissable.
  • Time square:    this is the most entertaining tourist destination in NYC at the junction of Broadway and 7th avenue.
  • National September 11 Memorial and Museum: This is the tour of remembering the attacks which has happened in 11 sept 2001
  • Central park: it is an urban park in Manhattan filled with locals as well as visitors all the year round.
  • The American Museum of natural history: this is the largest museum in the world situated in upper west side of Manhattan.
  • Brooklyn Bridge: this is the magic over NYC’s east river linking the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Rockefeller Centre: this is the large complex consisting of 19 commercial building covering 22 acres.
  • Grand central terminal

What to eat at NYC-

There are always some restaurant, eateries and stores that are open 24*7 so that one can easily go out any time to eat. Some of the best eats of New York are-

  • New York style Pizza 
  • Cheese cakes 
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Bagels
  • Corned Beef
  • Pretzels
  • Knish

New York city is a SHOPAHOLIC HEAVEN; be it the 5th Avenue with its eye popping window displays or the handmade goods of Brooklyn Flea market, New York has something or the other for everyone. 

NYC also has some of the world’s best clubs and casinos. Some of the must check in are-

  • Harmonie club
  • Newyork yatch club 
  • Norwood club
  • Onion league club of Newyork


So welcome to New York City – “The Big Apple”, we have just given you a bite size taste of what this incredible city has to offer but if you have got an appetite for the very best things that life has to offer this is the destination for you!!