6-Day Latifa Package Tour

6-Day Latifa Package Tour
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Duration: 6 days
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Sinkhole - Fins Beach - Wadi Shab - Ras Al Hadd - Wadi Bani Khalid - Wahiba Sands - Nizwa Misfath - Jebel Shams - Wadi Bani Awf

Day 1
The tour departs Muscat  towards Ras al Hadd . After a photo stop at  Bamah sinkhole & the long white Beach of Fins, we arrive in Wadi Shab.This Wadi is a enormous canyon gorge, lined with palm trees & impressive indications of what the power of the water coming down from the mountains can do in nature

The tour continues to Ras al Hadd. At the evening we take you to the Turtle sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz. Here we will go on a guided beautiful walking tour on the beach at night under the stars, where we have a high chance to see Omans great sea turtles stumbling on to the beach to build a nest and lay the eggs.
O/N at Ras AlHmara

Day 2

In the morning we will show you the City of Sur with some old fortresses and the famous Arabian Dhow Factory, where you can see traditional wooden Dhows being built.

Then we will drive onwards to Wadi Bani Khalid, one of the biggest and most beautiful Wadis in Oman. Here you can swim and relax .

Then continue to our desert camp in the Wahiba Sands desert, where you relax or take part in an adventurous 4x4 drive in the sand dunes.

 O/N in desert 

Day 3
In the morning we drive to city of Ibra. There we will visit the colourful the local Market (Souq) and the old ancient Village of Ibra. Then we drive on towards Nizwa, the old capital city of Oman. We will arrive there in the afternoon.

O/N in Nizwa .


Day 4
We start the day early to visit the Nizwa Souq. It is among the largest of its kind in Oman. A wide variety of vendors offer their goods in the streets of the souk from 05:00 am to about 10:00 am each morning. Here you can find fish, meat, vegetables, pottery, jewellery, handicrafts and souvenirs which are sold in authentic old market halls that few places can boast.
From Nizwa we drive to Misfath al Abreen. It has a large Falaj system which supplies water for many orchards, date palms and vegetables. It is worth to spend spend at least 1 ½ hours walking around the village.

Next stop will be the Jabrin Castle (The castle was originally designed as a residential palace in 1670 by Sultan bin Saif Al in the Ya'arubi Dynasti .The interior includes various furniture and traditional utensils to provide visitors with a taste of period castle lifestyle.

O/N in Nizwa .

Day 5
Today we are driving up the Jebel Shams Mountain. On the way there we make a stop in the ancient village of AL Hamra .
Then drive up the Jebel Shams Mountain to the Resort where we spend the night.
O/N in Jabl Shams  

Day 6
In the morning we drive down the mountain the other side (east) into the Wadi Bani Awf. This mountain road drive is an exciting offroad experience and offers fantastic views into dramatic canyons and Wadis ,then back to Muscat.


Sinkhole - Fins Beach - Wadi Shab - Ras Al Hadd - Wadi Bani Khalid - Wahiba Sands - Nizwa Misfath - Jebel Shams - Wadi Bani Awf