EG Shuttle Bus (Course B)

EG Shuttle Bus (Course B)
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Duration: 1 day
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Romantic Nature theme Course

This Shuttle bus package for foreigners departs from Insadong~Hongik University Station and lets visitors experience the diverse charms of Gyeonggi-do's tourist attractions from the comfort of an exclusive shuttle bus! 
Take your vacation in your own hands and design a tour course by yourself and for yourself with GYEONGGI-DO'S unique tour attractions at affordable prices. 
For those seeking to enjoy a wide variety of experiences and sights, the EG-Shuttle Bus is for you!

Pick up at Insadong-Hongik Univ.-One Mount&Aqua Planet-Heyri-Sanmeoru Farm-Herb Island and return to Insadong/Hongik Univ. at 2pm/4pm from Herb Island. 
You can get on at Insadong/Hongik Univ. and also get off at several stops. This shuttle bus is offered twice in a day, so feel free to take whichever you prefer.

Romantic Nature theme Course